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I contact my doctor because I find a blood in my stool.
Doctor sand me to do some tests and and most unpleasant but most productive were rectoscopy and colonoscopy. They discover that I suffer from a disease called familial polyposis.
On one part of my colon the process has get so significant and expressed that it started to bleed. My doctor scheduled me for operation called colectomy.
I don’t know how serious this operation really is and what are the sidefects. Doctor also said that I live with this disease for a long time. How is that possible? What would have happened if I discovered it earlier?


Few things about your disease:
Let me first tell you that this is very serious disease. Familial polyposis is a hereditary condition in which many, from hundreds to thousands, of polyps form throughout the entire length of the large intestine. They can, after some kind of irritation, ulcerate, bleed and even progress to a tumor.
Radical operation is necessary!
Colectomy is in fact removal of a portion of colon. What size this portion is- I don’t know because I don’t know how big is your damage on colon. Blood in your stool is not a good sign because it shows that polyps on one part of colon are already damaged. Radical operation usually solves the problem. I suggest you to choose laparoscopic abdominal colectomy because you will have four or five tiny scars instead of one large abdominal scar and shorter hospital stay. Of course there is much less chance to get a bacterial super-infection because of small wounds. After operation you’ll have to go on a diet and reduce physical activities as much as you can.