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I had a full colectomy done two years ago and was told it would be hard for me to gain weight. I am very active and walk twice a day, an hour each time. I have a small appetite, and alot of problems eating most foods. I keep gaining wait and can't seem to take any off. The solution to everyone seems to be to eat more in a day, but my stomach can't handle the amounts of food they are advising. I know the key is always to drink water, but what they don't understand is someone with a colectomy, can't absorb the water, it more then likely goes right through them. I have tried all the diets, nothing works. In fact I end up with a chronic case of Pouchitis when I try and eat extra amounts of Veggies and Fruits. What is the best solution??


Psyllium Husk Powder - Loose -- not in tablet or capsule has been my miracle solution.   ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed***  I stock up on it and never go without.  I had my colectomy 4 years ago and figured out the powder fiber was the answer.  I had severe colitis for several years and took Psyllium Husk fiber for five or more years ... contrary to my natural assumption that fiber would speed things up (as they recommend fiber for constipation) it actually absorbs the water and thickens up the bowel movement (when I had colitis) and with my colectomy. 

Now, I do not the capsules only because I have some scarring in my ileum and anything I put in my mouth begins to transit out in a matter of hours ( 5 to 5.5 now as time has progressed)  so if it moves through too fast the capsule does not often have time to actually disperse the fiber.  I take about 1 tsp three times a day (i just mix it in water or juice ... I don't really care about the taste etc since it works and is essential)  it also slows down the numerous times I have to go to the bathroom. 

I take it before I drink coffee or alcholic beverages too.  It also helps before meals as it binds the food so the food does not come out so spiradically and gassy.  I do not drink carbonated beverages very often and never before a public outing. :o)