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Hi, guys. My father has been suffering from kidney problems for long time. At the end, he is diagnosed with end stage renal failure. I really don’t know what to expect more. Can anyone tell me how long life expectancy is for this kind of patients? I will appreciate any piece of info.



End stage kidney disease is the complete failure of the kidneys to remove waste and excess water from your body. People usually experience end stage kidney disease because they have diabetes or high blood pressure because these both conditions can affect your kidneys in grate amount. Has you father started the dialysis? I know that dialysis is the only treatment for this condition and he will have to do it for the rest of his life. There is an option to replace his kidney. Talk to your doctor about this and see what chances does he have to do this. But the procedure has its risk so he will have to take the chances.  Good luck to both of you.