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Hi, guys. My brother in law is diagnosed with chronic renal failure. I think that dialysis is not helping him anymore and his doctor recommends kidney transplantation. This is not an easy decision to be made and I would like to know how long life expectancy for this type of patients is.


Hi there,

Chronic renal failure is very serious condition and the only way to survive this condition is by constant dialysis or kidney transplant. Now kidney transplant is not simple procedure. Your body receives a new organ and the body has to accept it as your own. Now there are cases that his body doesn’t accept a new organ and the things can be complicated by some sort of infection. However surgeries are much better now and there are a lot of successful cases of kidney transplant. He has to understand that his recovery process will take a long time but many go through it very successful. I hope this helped you a bit. Good luck to both of you.