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I have had vaginal burning/pressure just inside toward the back for over a year. I did have a hysterectomy in oct and the doctors say it could be nerve damage. I have been tested many times for infection but nothing comes back. I can go weeks or months without it but it comes back. It makes me feel very unhappy and worried and having a contant burning is not nice. There is no discharge of any other symtoms.


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Have you ever heard of Vulvodynia?
It is characterized by chronic vulval pain and burning, itching or throbbing of the vulva-outer vaginal organs.
I know you said you’ve been experiencing pain inside but different people experience things differently. It is the only thing I can think of.

Did you have a whole hysterectomy or did you keep your ovaries?

The problem with vulvodynia is that the cause cannot be found and that the treatment consists of relieving symptoms. There are some contributing symptoms like often vaginal infections in the past, irritations of the near-by nerves, muscle spasms, etc

Another problem with the treatment is that you can’t say which treatment will work for you, so it may take some time until you (or your doctor) realize what works for you.
Anyway, I honestly hope you will manage to get rid of this discomfort. Good luck!