For the past 3 months on and off I'm dealing with this weird thing. When it comes makes my life miserable. It starts as light itch and within few hours one side of my labia it's burning, itching , it truly feels like it's on fire. Every time when it's starts I can see that place when it's burning is divided by lighter line you can exactly see how divides my left labia, every time affected area is getting bigger , more wrinklier and grayish.  I have consulted my gyn, had all the cultured taken, everything came out negative (HIV, RPR, Herpes, HPV). First I as told possibly is Vulvodynia, but truly I disagree after reading what it is. I don't have a sharp pain and it's outside not in my vagina. Even tho I started taking antidepressant which should be helpful with managing the burning/pain. Other dr. excluded Vulvodynia give me some Lidocaine Jelly to apply to the area, but this as well doesn't help :( Let me add that skin is not broken , don't have any lesion, discharge. It's Valentines Day and I can't even enjoy this day , because "my thing" returned yesterday .... My gyn said that she never before seen anything like that . She wants to tak bx and send to lab and if that will show nothing send me to a special vulva clinic. Please anyone have idea what it could be and what is the treatment ? 

Thank you so much for any help.