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I am a sixty year old female and trying to have a fullfilled sex life with my partner.  I noticed that when I had my hysterectomy (3yrs ago)and tryed to enjoy sex again it was impossible, as the head of the penis enters my vagina I experience incredible burning and am unable to continue because of the burning and pain caused by this little bit of penetration.  I am currently using K-Y  so there is enough lubrication.  Is it possible to find something to use to numb the beginning of my vagina so I can resume having intercourse, because it doesn't really sound like there is a cure for this.  I have no infections or std's.  I even asked the doctor that performed my hysterectomy did he use the mesh they are currently talking about on tv, he said no.  I sure hope that you can come up with something to help me here.


Hi there, my name is Kim. I'm not a doctor, but I was experiencing the same issues. Burning/tearing feeling around the opening of my vagina during intercourse. Sometimes sitting for long periods of time was uncomfortable. Anyways, I went to a lot of specialists/physical therapists, the list goes on and on. You may have vulvodynia. That is what I had diagnosed a couple years ago. You can look it up and there are a variety of symptoms to this condition. This is a pelvic floor condition in women. Its not a disease or std or anything like that. But I assure you, there is hope. I have been pain free for about 3 months now - the longest since I started get terrible symptoms 2-3 years ago.


I do a series of breathing, core (abs) engaging, and glute (butt) activation exercises. I learned these through a physical therapist in Indianapolis. I have a video of these exercises if you are interested. I know the frustration that you are going through. I would love to help.