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Heyy people :-) ,

                  I am 5,6 height wise and god knows what weight cause everytime i step on that scales i nealry burst into tears.|-O  I just want to lose weight so no bull sh*t about my health aslong as I'm losing all the weight that i gained when my parents divorced I'll be happy. 8-| i see nothing but a fat b***h in the mirror and everytime i try to lose weight i just can't shift it. Its so fustrating and seriously considering pills cause i just want guys to like menow. My boyfriend just left me and i want to show him what he is missing. :-| Please help me! I want to be skinny. Bones and everything okayx so no stupid what about your health comments cause i will just ignore them


Well if you wanna loose weight that much, try not to over stress about anything. Mostly the diets are worthless . & so are pills . Mostly what you gotta do is Eat less , Drink lots of water & work out for atleast 30 min each dayy . Or an hour if you can. Coming from me u used to weight 220 , I lost 40 pounds last summer just by working out everyday & ate less . That's my Diet , "Eat Less" it works (: