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I have been doing the billy bootcamp workouts....mostly i do the cardio workout....i feel better and look as though i have really been slimming down, but my thighs and hips seem to have bulked up.....why would this happen? I follow a healthy diet and walk/jog regularly on top of the bootcamp workouts....if anyone would know what could cause only my hips and thighs to get bigger i would appreciate some help. (by the way i am a guy so it makes even less sense to me).....



You have to understand one thing and that is that you don’t need to lose weight on your thighs and your stomach at the same time. This is just a thing that you need to work more on your thighs then on your stomach. Now can you tell me what are you eating? Could this be caused by the food that you eat. Have you considered doing different set of exercise and workouts for the thighs and hip? You have to know that hips can be really hard to slim down. Many have problems with losing weight on their hips and they sometimes apply whole different set of exercise just for this part of the body.

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