How to lose weight easy and fast!

1) Start of eating right , eat lots of veggies and fruits and a little bit of lean meat chicken turkey.. lay or the (junk food ) accualy dont even go near junk food it will cause "fat" on the body .

2)Do lots of cardio, Weight lifting, sports ,and maby yoga....well Be active at all times.

3) Go see a nutrientist and they will help you out with what healthy foods to eat.

4) maby try drinks they are called Meal Replacments they might help you they helped me.

5) if your still hungrey try sugar-free gum

6) and stay confident dont think negitive just think positive about your self and have the "will" in you to say no to junk food and soda drinks and other sugary foods

Just remeber not to starve your self it will put your body in a serious condition it could lead to getting hospitalized or even dead, so do not starve your self follow these steps or other weight loss steps and you will see a change in your body and self :-D