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I started smoking marijuana when i was 16. I became a heavy stoner n I would be stoned like 90% of  my time. now i'm 18 and i feel like i'm suffering from short term memory i cant recollect my past. i'm trying hard to quit pot. please help.

and what should i do to improve my memory power??


excessive pot smoking can cause short term memory loss. are you able to recall memories of your life before you started smoking pot? because if thats difficult as well then your not just suffering from short term memory loss but long term as well. but i think its great you wanna quit. however i'd be interesting for you to know thats there this theory that when someone stops smoking pot or taking drugs, their mind reverts back to the state it was in before the 'addiction' too place. because you're eliminating that addiction your mind tends to 'pick up where it left off so to speak'. i believe this theory because i've a family member who was a pot smoker for years even befor i was born and i'm 18, and so anyway when they finally gave it up the first thing i noticed was how much happier they were, it was seriously cool to see. after that they started doing things, they got back into the bobbies they enjoyed before smoking pot. this person started smoking pot when they were about 17/18 and gave it up in their mid thirties. and i noticed how 'teenager' they were acting after they gave up the pot. but needless to say the're doing great, and have told me a few times how great it feel not to care about pot anymore . plus they werent confused as much, and are much more alert now then before. so if you're serious about quitting heres a few tips. chew gum :) channel that addiction you have of pot into chewing gum, or if not gum something else like drawing or writing. see your doctor, they know all about that stuff and could most likely direct you to a programme or support group. surround yourself with good people, so that if you trip up you'll only have their dissapointment to face, so yes be with those who will support you through this, stay away from those that won't. however i should point out, when my family member got off the pot it took a while because everytime they went cold turkey they relapsed, but eventually it got easier with each try until they gave it up completely. but everyones different, you've only been smoking it for 2 years, whereas my family family was almost on the stuff for 20 years. so maybe it'd be easier for you to quit as you haven't been taking for as long. anyway i hope that my lil' story and tips can somehow help you and that you do succeed in quitting :) good luck