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I have wanted to quit using pot for some time and i know i cant do it while my bf is still smoking well i could but i would have to break up with him. He is far more addicted then i am he cant eat with out smoking he gets bad anxiety and then his ulcer acts up and hes moody and angry and i hate to see him like that so we end up smoking again i dont know how many last sacks we have bought. I am having anxiety as well and extream depression, there must be some form of medicine or somthing that can take the edge off of some of these symptoms I am serriously thinking about getting some anti depressents. I dont want to break up with my bf and i dont want to keep smoking pot, I feel helpless, like I wont ever be able to quit and keep my bf

Does anyone have any ideas on how to help my bf and myself quit smoking


That's a tough spot to be in- I tried quitting smoking cigarettes with a boyfriend who smoked and it was nearly impossible.

But not impossible. There are a few things that you can think about, that can change the way you think about pot, and will make breaking the habit easier.

1. While you smoke your last, think about it as your last. But don't be sad- think about it as your last moment of slavery. Being addicted to anything is essentially being a slave to something- you are in its control. To quit, is to refuse to be controlled by something. So while you smoke your last, think about the fact, that you will be mere moments away from a great freedom- one you haven't known for years. People always talk about choosing to smoke, and choosing to smoke pot, but at a very early point, it's no longer a choice. It's a habit and it's an addiction. By choosing never to smoke again, you once again become the master of your choices. And the best part, is all it takes, is one choice: never to do it again. I found, that whenever I started to crave, or feel anxious, I remembered that I had a choice: to remain free, or to be enslaved. Of course, I chose freedom.

2. As soon as you smoke your last, call yourself a non-smoker. You are not 'quitting' or 'giving up'. Rather, you don't smoke pot anymore. Then, if you have a thought of smoking again, you can say to yourself, 'but I'm a non-smoker- why would I want to' instead of 'well, it's all part of the quitting process- I'll get back to it tomorrow'. It's simple, but it makes it easier.

3. Keep freedom in mind. Don't ever think about quitting as deprivation or giving up something- in quitting, you only gain. You gain freedom from slavery, you gain health, you gain control on your finances, you only gain. Non-smokers don't feel deprived when they can't smoke. Only smokers do.

4. Finally, and this one is important- keep in mind that marajuana is a drug that doesn't stay in your system for very long. If you think about it as a drug addiction that you want to overcome, then think about how long it actually takes to remove the drug from your body (i.e. DON'T think about the habit- how it relieves stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc). Just focus on the fact that if you don't smoke for three days, you've essentially killed the little drug addicted monster in you, by removing the drug 99% from your system. As soon as you smoke your last, you are a non-user. And three days later, you will have completely regained your freedom.

Non of this advice speaks directly to living with a pot-smoker while you try and quit however- like I said, that's a tough one. I guess, if you aren't planning on leaving him, the only thing you can do, is really get inside your own head, so that his habits have no effect on you. Maybe too, you can ask him to only smoke outside while you are quitting. And if he's worth anything, he will want to support you while you try to quit, and he will step outside. And then, at least you won't have to be in the same room as it while you try and convince yourself that you don't need it (which you don't!!)

Good luck to you- I'm sure you will get through this.