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I'm 19 years old and i've never had a boyfriend because I have no confidence around guys and don't know how to handle myself in social situations.
I'm naturally a shy person anyway but it doesn't help that I have low self esteem from being bullied in school and what clearly seems to be a distorted image of my body.
I know having a boyfriend isn't the most important thing in the world and I have my whole life ahead of me, but I feel like i'm missing out on the things in life that are an average part of being a teenager, all the things my friends have done which I feel like are never going to happen to me.
From a small child i've always had body confidence issues as i've always been fat, but no matter what I do to try and lose weight it never works and I always think that I look awful even when my friends say I look fine.

At the moment i'm a UK size 18 and I hate it, it's given me stretch marks, drooping breasts and awful skin, I don't want a guy seeing me naked because their perceptions of how a girl should look now is the complete opposite to my body and I think, if I hate the way I look then how is it from a guy's point of view?
It drives me nuts when i'm out with my best friend as she's always the one who gets all the attention because she's tall, slim and blonde and i'm completely ignored as if i don't exist even when I try and join in.
I get very easily paranoid and am constantly worrying what people think of me.
I think another thing that holds me back is fear of being rejected, as that's all i've ever known in terms of asking a boy out.

If anyone has bothered reading this the whole way through then. . . HELP!! I need advice ASAP.


I know exactly how you feel. I too used to by shy when I was your age. I think shyness is an inborn characteristic that is hard to change, so is a person's body weight. Obese parents tend to produce obese children. So I am not going to tell you to act confident and to try to lose weight. It is more important for you to love yourself for what you are. There are lots of guys out there who love fat chicks, and I am one of them. As far as asking a guy out is concerned, have your best friend or your brother or sister to do the asking for you. That way you will never feel rejected.


i know how u feel, i used to be the exact same and sometimes still feel the same.
my family have always laughed at my size and never let me feel confident. When I was a size 12 they used to call me fat, now im a size 18 they say "you used to be fine but now ur tooo fat"...

the best thing u can do is not care about wat other people say. try to make the best of what you have. Believe it or not, im a size 18, have stretch marks all over, sagging boobs and unshapley body (lol) but i still have a BF and can pull a LOT of guys!!!
do u know why?? its because i make the most of what ive got, and thats what u need to do!
go to the hairdressers, get a cut that suits you, dye your hair, put some mascara on, blusher, go shopping and get pretty clothes/shoes/bags ...MAKE THE GUYS WANT YOU!!!!!!!!! just because your a size 18, it doesnt mean you are not human. you can be everything you friend is. So what if shes tall blonde and slim? you can be a large, voluptous, dark haired short beauty RIGHT? make yourself valuable by taking care of what you already have and guys will love u.

one more thing, there are some guys that will still want to bring you down. AVOID THEM!