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i would like to explain my condition as this..
i am 17 years old last july....and actually when i was 14 i was not having much height but in the 15 and 16 year my height increased and now i am having a good height but with this i have become much thin and also i feel my weight is bit less its about 42 . now
i need to know what things shall in take in my food to get some healthier..

be sure that i am vegetarian.

i will be very thankful to you.


Hey XY,

I suggust Soy protein if you're a rabbit food lover. 8)

Soy Protein comes in all food types, including protein shake powder supplements, which will also get you all the vitamins you're missing in your diet. Whole wheat pasta will provide a good amount of good carbs for energy and is normally a heavy dish.

Rice and beans also help get you those extra proteins. A vegetarian diet is great and all (I love animals), but our bodies were made to be omnivores, and can only make 11 of the essential amino-acids that we need to be healthy individuals. The other 9 we must get from food.

Shape change won't happen over night so be patient in your goals!

My boy friend is incredibly tall and skinny, not a vegetarian, and eats enough junk food to make a fat man look like a world-class weight lifter. He's been in the military, and even through all the basic training he remained just as skinny as he was before he went into the military. He always complains about how skinny he is, however I love him for what he is. So if this is all about body image don't sweat it, but don't give up a goal either!

Hope this helps,