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Hi I'm twelve and feeling horrible... I always feel fat, ugly, and totally insecure! I try to forget about it and think positively but it gets harder and harder to know I'm truly beautiful.. I've been exercising a ton more.. Which is great.. But eating healthy is a struggle. I try and try but always end up going out to eat and feeling guilty after.. It sucks. It's hard because I usually have to stick to what my parents make when sometimes it isn't so healthy.. What are some good ways to stay on track with eating healthy and building self confidence.? Thank you!!!!


TO build self confidence you need to be with NICE people....HANG OUT with people that are smart, kind, active etc. IT WILL make you feel happy and healthy too! Also, you need to get over the fact no one is perfect! Forget what society says and move on! 

My eyes have a freckle in them....Some people see it  and ignore it , and others say stuff about it...AS long as you act like you don't care , then DON'T WORRY! People say it is different ,too. 

About the food..TELL your parents that tonight for dinner you want  a salad instead or a hamburger. ( never forget though that you can cheat) That means you can have one bad thing every once in a while. You will go crazy if you don't. When going out that doesn't mean you can't eat healthy...Most places sell salads or chicken plates....

GOOD LUCK( stay healthy)