It's a bit lengthy, so I'll try to summarize it. In short, current conditions are: lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, decreased energy/fatigue easy. Thought lower abdominal pain is/was bladder pain, but not so sure. At my annual GYN appt, there was pain/sensitivity when he palpated the urethra/bladder. i have an appointment with a Urologist on Tuesday (3/11). Not experiencing frequency/urgency/burning on urination. Negative urine culture (had Rx for Pyridium for 2 days, and Bactrim taken for about 3 days until dr discontinued it). No fever. Had labs done, and the CBC with differential and Chem12 were normal.  ESR was 28, CRP was 9.4. Tested additionally for RA and ANA, both negative. Doctors office said "Well, we dont know what's wrong with you" and nothing further ordered. Transferring to a new primary care doctor, but appointment isn't until 4/08. Sex is uncomfortable and pain is increasingly worse after. Pain is usually at its highest at the end of the day (just from doing daily activities. 

*30F. I had LAVH/BSO last year (so no reproductive organs are the cause). Also have had appendix & gallbladder removed. 

I'm starting to get worried! Anyone had similar experience? Or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!