for 8 years ive had severe stabbing pain in my lower left quadrant.  It radiates from the upper grion to 4 inches left of the belly button.  Ive had CT with contrast that showed distention in my intestine.  This has gone untreated for very long.  ive been to 2 dozen ERs in 8 years and the most ive gotten was a contrast CT that showed distention.  Im tired of doctors sending me off with a prescription for narcotic pain medication without fixing the problem.  I cannot work or live life this anymore.  If there are any medical professionals with advise please help me.  Im uninsured and thats how im treated in the hospitals.  After making a point f telling the doctors that im not here for your drugs, ive here for a fix, im still seen as drug seeking and it makes me sick that healthcare is for profit, not for care. My symptoms are severe stabbing pain at about an 8 and constant cramping at about a 5.  No nausea, no vomiting, very tendender to the touch.  Ive had bloody stools on occation, both with dryed and fresh blood.  In my youth i did experiment with alot of different drugs, mostly narcotic pain medication and heroin.  Yes, i had a drug proble, but that doesnt give a doctor the right to treat me as a drug seeking junkie, even after i tell the docs my history AND EXPLAIN THAT NARCOTICS AND nsaids exserbate the pain due to its constipation effects.  ive tryed Bentyl, Hycosimine, phenergan, ad everything else given for stomach and intestinal pain.  Please help me, im 28 and my quality of life mirrors a termnialy ill elderly person.  Thank you