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hellow, i just wanna ask whats the remedy for my problem, im already 47 this coming 22nd of october, my problem is im experiencing pain below my abdomen, and that part is upper than my sex organ, i guess it is part of our prostate area, then when it is pain i could no longer have an erection, the pain goes back and forth. when ill take pain reliever, livita the pain stops,after a days it comes back again. whats the remedy for this kind of problem, hope to hear from you. thanks



If you are having prostate problems you would feel like you need to pee but have difficulty doing so.  You would be getting up a night a number of times running to the bathroom with urgency and when you get there little to nothing comes out.  This would due to an enlarge prostate which many men have.  Pain in the lower abdomen could be a part of the large intestine.  You may have blockage there or have indigestion and gas formation.  This will cause pain on and off and in fact it can make you feel quite uncomfortable.  When you feel like that, I'm sure you would have difficulty getting an erection.  Try taking a laxative (all natural) to see if that helps clean out the large intestine and stop the lower abdominal pain you are experiencing.