I am 74 yrs, in relatively good health generally, active in working on my large property and work weekly as a piano tuner with lifting, bending, squatting, etc.  I have a lump on the site of my right hip approximately 5" X 3" and protrudes 1"+ in profile, when standing. In a sitting position it appears to receded but this may be due to the fatty tissue in the buttock. it is not painful to touch or manipulation, however, I have some pain in walking and lifting my leg.

In 1964 the femur was broken while playing basketball.  Subsequently I have had five operations; (2) in 1964; (2) in  1986 either to pin the break or total hip joint replacements.  In 2005 a revision was performed with relative success and life afterward has been good, with excellent mobility and minimal pain.

In October the lump appeared and was examined by the physician's assistant and xrays showed the hip to be "normal."  It subsequently receded.  About four days ago it reappeared and due to the holidays I have been unable to see my primary physician.   On a scale of 1-10 there is minimal pain, 1-2 but there is constant awareness of the mass.  I hope to see a doctor on Monday or Tuesday but have little faith in a resolution based on recent experience.  

I have considered seeing the specialist that performed the revision but at this point I have no idea what the problem may be.