I have been experiencing lower abdomen pain extending to my lower back, this pain started approximatedly 3 years ago, initially a dull pain, I have visited my doctor on many occasions, and had 3 ultrasound scans, blood tests, however nothing shows up as abnormal, I always end up coming away feeling a fraud, and feel that the doctor is not taking me seriously and just relates everything to my age which is 47 and hormones.
I know that there is something wrong and in the last month the pain has been dreadful, quite acute at times, but I feel so dispondant and just feel that visiting my doctor again would be a complete waste of time as the same answers are given to me, when I asked the question that surely pain signifies that something is wrong, my doctor said the good news is it doesnt appear to be getting worse, but I feel that it is becoming more insistant and more painful, there are very few days when I am not aware of this pain I am just getting used to living with it, I would really like a cat scan but dont thing my doctor would agree to send me for one due to cost.Code: