I have througout the last few years experienced several problems with my lower abdo.

I get constant on and off abdo pain, mainly in my left side. When it is in the left it is a stabbing pain that comes really sharp but soon disappears, it isnt trapped gas, as I have a boyfriend who, doesnt mind me passing!! (lucky me!)

In the past I have been to the doctors for two emergency visits, one when I was 17 with excrutiating pain, to the extend that I couldnt walk, the doctor told me I had a twisted intestine but would un-do itself, which I suppose did as the pain went away that same day.

The second time was last year (19 years old) the night before and in the morning I was vomiting, so I stayed home from work, however throughout the day the sickness stopped but I had unbareable left abdo pain and back pain, I couldnt lay still so I had to rock in bed with a water bottle! (no, I am not a mental patient!)

When I went to the doctors the second time, they told me a had a temperature and diagnosed me with a Kidney Infection, they gave me a course of anti-biotics and pain killers, which within a few days sorted me out so naughty me stopped taking the pills. I know this was wrong and this could be what is wrong with me, but the pain is no where near as severe as before, but its just constant!

I have been sent for ultra scans but nothing was picked up on that, and since i've been left to my own devices and left struggling with this pain!

Has anyone else had any of these problems? What was your outcome? I am really wanting some answers now, I will go to the doctors but I feel like I am being a pain by going back with the same problems all the time! So if I knew some more information for them to look into I wouldnt feel quite as much of a time waster!

Many Thanks in advance :)

Beth (now ages 20)