Thanks to all who have shared their conditions and complaints in regards to the subject -you've given me courage to share my story which I think has it's own peculiarities.

I am an energetic middle-aged male full of energy and my condition does not restrict me to work and move around but I have this dull pain that is persistently there in the background.  The pain becomes evident only when I am sitting slumped unsupported eg on the floor. I do not experience any real pain when standing or seating on a chair with a back support.

2ndly where the pain is located, I have continuous mumbling in the stomach - even my baby daughter can always hear it when she lays her heard on my tummy. I do pass a lot of gas too.

I have taken the following tests and have come up with results:

Urine tests (3 done within 2 months) - trace of blood detected

Creatinine Test - Higher than normal level found.

Ultra Sound - All organ, all passages

CT Scan(Plain) - All organs clear, suspect kidney stones dismissed as no evidence of calcification

I've had a round of antibiotics which didnt clear the blood-in-the-urine test and when I presented the all clear CT scan test result, my doctor just waved me aside saying that I go back to see him only if the pain gets worse. Could the knowledgeable in the medical world or someone with similar condition please advise what I could do to rid me of this gnawing pain.  I am worried because I expect the pain to get worse.