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I know this sounds weird, BUT it could be your mattress. We just went through a horrible 3 month battle with a very similar thing. My boyfriend had kidney pain. Dr. saw that there were 2 small kidney stones, but that they were "non obstructing" so they did not want to do lithotripsy. We begged and pleaded as the pain was every day, especially in the MORNING. Finally the Dr. preformed the lithotripsy. It kidney/lower back pain was better for a few days and then came RIGHT BACK. Dr said it must be coming from his back, since he had a back fusion from s1 to t11 in 2012. Back Dr. checked everything out and found no issues with the back fusion or nerve impingement. We were pulling our hair out for months as the pain persisted and persisted. Then we realized we had gotten a new mattress right about the time the pain started. It turns out that even though it is a high end mattress it is to firm for him. We have a high end Dormia MEMORY FOAM topper from another bed and tried putting the memory foam topper on top of the mattress  and had him sleep on top of that.  Whola, it was like a MIRACLE, the kidney and lower back pain got markedly better each night over the next week until it was gone. SO LOOK INTO THE MATTRESS THAT YOU ARE SLEEPING ON, IS IT OLD AND WORN OUT? IS IT TOO FIRM OR TOO SOFT? Try getting a HIGH END QUALITY memory foam pillow topper from a company like DORMIA. It has changed his life completely.


Yes, it could be. 

Accessing treatment for back or kidney pain is so very important if there is something wrong on the structural level, however. Let's say you've got limited funds and you have to decide between seeing a doctor and buying some fancy mattress. I'd say seeing the doctor is the right choice every single time. I know from my cat's newly diagnosed renal disease that the symptoms can be so very subtle to start off with, and of course a cat is different because it can't talk, but the same principle applies. You don't know what's wrong and you think it might be serious, you see a doctor.