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I am still breast feeding my 15 month old and two night ago before breast feeding her I went to pick up something on the floor and I felt a sharp pain in my right breast under the aureola. When I breastfed her it really hurt, later I felt it and felt a lump.
Right now the lump is still there, and now my breast is red and it's still really painful. I'm pretty sure I was ovulating or almost done with ovulation the day the pain started.
I've felt this pain before and it has gone away, but this time it just feels different and the redness I don't think was there the last times.
Is this normal? Or should I see a doctor? Thanks!


Hi Ane,
You probably have Mastitis (its an infection of the breasts common in breastfeeding women...probably caused by staph). any recent fever, chills, or nausea? It can be treated with antibiotics.

I am a med student and doubt that it is breast cancer or anything but better safe than sorry right?


I've had some chills, but nothing major. I had a little bit of an infection when I began breastfeeding, and I remember having a lot of chills.

Today it's not so red and the pain is not as intense.

Thank you though for your feedback, it gives me insight and I'm glad it's not a sign of something worst.