I am a 37 year old male and have a question regarding whether I need to worry about a fairly persistent lump I have on my right inner thigh just above the knee.

I first noticed this over 5 years ago. I went to my GP back then who couldn't feel a thing and told me not to worry about it. Over the years, the lump has come and gone -- often months go by where I don't notice anything -- then it "comes back" for awhile.

It is not painful, but I definitely can feel it when it is "active". It seems "firm" and probably about the size of a silver dollar when I touch it. I don't seem to be able to move it around under the skin.

I went to the doctor again about 1 month ago and mentioned this to him as it was acting up at that time. He also couldn't feel anything and suggested it was probably just a harmless lipoma.

My question is whether I should be more aggressive in asking for some tests be done to find out with more certainty what this might be. Part of me is concerned that it could be something serious as it doesn't have many of the typical lipoma characteristics. However, if it was something serious, it has been present for over 5 years and I haven't noticed any changes or problems.

Any advice appreciated.