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Hi, I'm hoping for a little but of advice. I have found a lump on my sternum that leans over to the left. It's quite tender to touch or pressure. At first there wasn't any other pain involved. Saw my doctor at the time who think's i've banged it which i bef to differ. Over the last couple of days i've been getting alot of back pain directly behind the sternum (reluctantly took 2 x 30/500 cocodamol, i hate taking painkillers, which hasn't worked on it anyway)and pain in the lump when i hiccup or take deep breaths. I don't have any shortness of breath though. The only treatment i am currently getting is for low b12 and low folic acid. As far as i'm aware this isn't connected. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated before i manage to get another appointment at the doctors. Thanks :)


Look up xiphoid process. It's a little ball of cartilidge everyone has at the end of their sternum and a common cause of anxiety for people that discover they have it for the first time.