Lyrica is expensive and you have to get a PA (prior authorization), but this stuff is the best. You do get a little buzz off of it (not a bad thing), but it rips detox a new ass. You will not feel the effects of detox or you won't feel them nearly as much. Again, it's expensive, but if you can get your insurance to pay for it, then you're good to go. 100mg capsules cost about $7.50 a piece, but if insurance covers it, it goes way down.

The real name of Lyrica is Pregabalin.  They will try to give you Gabapentin (Neurontin) at first. It doesn't work. It's pretty much useless. You might even have to try it, and then tell them it doesn't work. Claim kicking legs and try to get the Lyrica. It will completely help/change the way you detox. I hate detox, it's the worst feeling I've ever experienced and I've been pretty beat up with the military and all. Detox is worse than any injury I've had. 

Don't use it too long, because you can detox off of Lyrica as well. Lyrica can be addictive, and it does have a "mean", I mean "MEAN" detox. I would say worse than vicoden or subs, but if you only use them for detox, you'll be fine. 

If you're scared of detox like I am, try this lyrica. It will change your life and will take the sting out of detox off of subs, any Opioid for that matter. 

Trust me on this one. This is no BS. It works. You might have to take more than prescribed to feel comfortable, but keep in mind you don't want to be on it long term. Just for the detox period. 

It's mainly for: 


Diabetic Nerve Pain

Spinal Cord Injury Nerve Pain

Pain After Shingles

Partial Onset Seizures in Adults (An Add-On Treatment)

But I use it for kicking legs at night as well as the parkinsons med Ropinirole. (I don't have parkinsons, it just to help quiet the kicking legs).