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Hi. After masturbating my head of the penis became very swollen and started to hurt, this has never happened before. I thought i injured it somehow because of masturbating too rough. Two days later i went to a doctor and they said my head hurts because i am uncircumcised and i should get circumcised. That was two weeks ago and i was in the shower every day since then because hot water helped and now my head is not swollen anymore but still hurts to touch. Its very sensitive and i dont know what to do. And i dont want to get circumcised. I am 20 year old and i think its not because its not circumcised because before when i was masturbating my head didnt hurt at all and it was good sensitive, it didnt hurt. Also even when the head is covered with the skin it still hurts when i touch the head. Please help me somehow i dont know what to do.


Hi Jack,

It is NORMAL for the head of your penis to be very sensitive, even painful.  Usually this resolves as the male gets older.

Right now, when you get an erection, does your foreskin completely retract?  Have you every "stretched" your foreskin?

Many guys don't know that the foreskin should be able to slide freely up and down the shaft.

As the head of the penis remains exposed, it will become less sensitive - NORMAL.



Hey. Thanks for replying so fast.
I didnt know that the foreskin should be able to slide freely up and down the shaft.
When it`s erect the foreskin its retracted only little like 1/3 of the head and i have never stretched my foreskin before cus i didnt know. Also i forgot to mention earlier that my doctor said that i have phimosis and that i must get circumcised or my pain will not stop ever. So i dont really know what to do now. Should i get circumcised? Cus i dont wanna do that. Also i wanted to ask why is this happening now? I mean it didnt hurt before and it wasnt this sensitive. Was it the rough masturbation that caused it?


Jack, lots of guys don't know that the foreskin should slide. People don't talk about it.

Work on stretching - and find another doctor. Was this a urologist? If not, find one. A circumcision is the LAST option. There are steroid based drugs that can help you stretch your foreskin but it will still take some time.

It's easier in the shower under warm water - it softens the skin. Do this as often as you can. Two common ways to do it are:

1. Get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin so that the glans spreads the opening.
2. Use your fingers to spread the opening.

It may be uncomfortable but don't do it so hard that you hurt yourself. Take your time, stretch it a little bit each day.

Never force the foreskin back either. It can get stuck, called paraphimosis, and that is a medical emergency.

You are fortunate to have an intact penis. Keep it that way.

Good luck.