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I know a friend who smoked weed and started throwing up (I though it was tummy acid because all he had was powerade so i still don't know) and he also had swelling of the throat. He has ashma and i have no idea if hes allergic to weed. What are all the reactions cause by smoking weed if allergic and if he is could it kill him? He smoked once. and that happened. he never touched it though. please help so i can tell him if he is so he doesnt do it agai and something happen. Thanks


I wouldn't suggest he or you do it again, TBH! You sound young & you shouldn't be screwing up your neurons. Go & find yourself a healthy past-time.

It's highly unlikely that he's allergic  to the weed, unless it had been sprayed with pesticides or something else. What he experienced was a 'Whitey' as we call it here in the UK. A Whitey is where the (usually inexperienced) smoker takes in more than he/she can handle.

At age 40, my mother had her first toke (she was in pain with arthritis & it was suggested to her by a friend). She'd smoked tabacco for years, but after one puff of a spliff- she heaved. She kept crying & couldn't eat for hours. Ironically, she gave up smoking everything after that. In my 'younger' days, I witnessed many Whitey's & had many myself.

What also contributed to your friend's Whitey is that he hadn't eaten anything. An excess of stomach acid through only drinking powerade would have most definitely been a major factor in why he threw up & why he felt as if his throat was swelling up. No doubt, his throat was burned by the acid he threw up & this caused it to swell!

Your friend did not have an allergic reaction to weed. He had a Whitey, because he's an inexperienced, young smoker who hadn't eaten all day.

Yet I still wouldn't advise either of you to smoke it again.