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So today i did masturbate watching porn intensively for over one hour but i did not want to erect, it did feel good, and i keep it inside ,even though the pressure was quite big, it felt really good, but afterwards i did have a terrible pain in my left side of my eggs it felt bad, maybe i will keep off masturbation for a while ,my question is . is safe or what can be the damage of this ,i have a friend who practice yoga ,she advice me to f**k myself but keeping the sperm inside, what is happening with the sperm pressure inside?
I hope is not that dangerous for my health.


First - you should NEVER, EVER prevent yourself from ejaculating by physically blocking the semen from escaping your body. This is actually very dangerous. As you must know, semen is ejaculated with some force behind it. It is designed to go out. By blocking that exit somehow, you are forcing the pressure backwards - which it is not designed to do!!!! It can back up into your testicles, your bladder, etc - and can very well cause the pain you are speaking about!

There is no need to stop masturbating, just let yourself ejaculate when your body tells you that is what it needs to do! Enjoy it...that is the point!


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Well, I can tell you that after I got the vasectomy it felt strange for a while when I came and the sperm couldn't get out. It felt just like what it was, kind of blocked and it wanted to go somewhere. That was about 35 years ago and it doesn't feel funny anymore. I don't remember that it took more than a few weeks for that strange feeling to go away after the vasectomy. When he cut my tubes he clamped off both ends so the sperm has little room to go anywhere as it tries to leave the testicles. I asked him about that and he said the body just absorbs them.

Of course the prostate fluid still comes out.

I have pinched off my penis at the base a few times while masturbating because I didn't want the mess to clean up but the prostate fluid still came out when I let go.

Sometimes I use a small ring (key ring) that I put on the tip of my foreskin while it's flacid and pull that all the way back to my abdominal wall. That stays there when I become erect and holds my foreskin back tight for more pleasure while I dry rub the shaft and head. It holds the blood in it after I come, so it stays erect a little longer for more fun. :D I like to massage the tip of the head while it still has the intense feeling it gets during orgasm. When I'm through I just wait for it to go down and pull the foreskin forward to get the ring over the head and take it off. It hasn't hurt anything that I can tell in the 50+ years I've been doing it. I can feel the prostate fluid backed up in there. It feels about the same as the sperm that can't get out of my testicles except it's in a different location. Of course it does come out after it goes down when the blood leaks back and I take the ring off. I don't know if that feeling might go away like the feeling of the sperm backing up did. Maybe if I do it more often.