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hi, im 16 and was not taught to pull my foreskin back when i was young and im now having problems.

I can pull back my foreskin back to expose the head when un-erect but cant when erect. When i pull back the foreskin when un-erect the foreskin sort of bunches together (rolls) under the head and wont budge from this positon down the shaft there seems to be like a "ring" stopping it go further down the shaft. A couple of times i have got an erection while my foreskin is back and it kinda hurts not unbarable but uncomtable and tight because of the ring i think.

help would be appreicated



I am not sure what you think by the ring but there are two possible causes of the problem. One could be that your foreskin opening is to narrow and that won't go back but you get the feeling that it is due to the ring. The ring is probably corona, a part of penis head and a natural occurrence. So, it is not due to the ring but due to the narrow foreskin opening that the foreskin won't go back.

Another possibility is that frenulum, a piece of tissue connecting foreskin and the head is too short and preventing you from retracting.

To figure this out, you would have to be checked by a doctor and see what your options are.


Hey Guys . im 13 . I Pulled My ForeSkin Back . I Can Atleast See The Penis Head But I was 12 i Was testing i pulled all back and i touched it was painful , How to make it less tightness and not so pain


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You need to stretch your foreskin. I did it by inserting two fingers in the opening while in the shower and spreading it as much as I could stand without hurting myself. You need to hold it there for several minutes and do it every time you take a shower or bath. You will see a difference in a week or two. Keep doing it until it's as loose as you want it.

You say you "touched it was painful". I assume you mean it was painful to touch the bare head. Welcome to the club, most of us intact guys have or had the problem of a sensitive glans. Here's how I cured mine.

I knew the guys who were circumcised had no problem having theirs touched. When I was about your age several of us used to get together to masturbate and of course we tried doing each other. I was super surprised when I found the kid who was circed wanted me to rub his bare head.

I figured his was not sensitive because it had been uncovered all his life so it was used to being touched from rubbing on his underwear and him touching it. So all I should need to do was force mine to get used to that too. 

Of course when I pulled back my foreskin it was damp and sticky. That made touching it even more painful so I figured I needed to clean it well and dry it off. I tried washing with soap and water but it was still just not quite dry enough. Next I tried cleaning it with rubbing alcohol using a cotton ball soaked in it. That is what really worked well. It feels cold at first followed by a warm tingly feeling. After it dries the skin is so dry and smooth you can slide your fingers smoothly over it without them sticking at all. That allowed me to touch it all over as gently as I needed, to begin getting it used to being touched.

It is still sensitive but you just have to keep doing it as much as you can stand and eventually it will get so you can touch it just like touching any other part of your body. It does take time, like weeks or months depending on how much you do it. After all the kid who was circed has had his rubbing on everything for years, without a break. It also depends on how your glans responds. We're not all the same.

I can tell you, the more I touched it the more I wanted to. Touching and rubbing it became very pleasureful  and I always ended up masturbating. That gave me a reason to want to do it more often. Since I desensitized it I have never used any lube while masturbating because it feels sooooo good to hold my foreskin back as tight as I can and dry rub the whole thing. I don't slide the foreskin up and down either.

So first stretch your foreskin so it will go back easily and comfortably. Then clean it well and start having fun.





If you foreskin is bunching up just behind the head it may mean that you have frenulum breve, which is a short frenulum that won't allow complete retraction.

When you try to pull it back more does the head of your penis dip down? If so, that is because the frenulum is pulling on it.