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Edit: This got posted to the wrong part of the gastro section, if any mods could move this, that would be fantastic, thanks!

Hi, So, lately I've noticed a lump on my anus, It's sensitive to the touch, though not painful unless I push on it, not usually itchy (on rare occasions it is, perhaps due to irritation?) It looks kind of white-ish, I find that it's usually more prominent after large bowel movements. (constipation is a reality I deal with more often than not) I know that it's (probably) not STD related as i'm a complete virgin and not in the business of sharing needles or anything. Some pictures included below. apologies in advance for any blurriness, my phone camera doesn't like the lighting. obviously NSFW.

And of course, I do have plans to see a doctor in person, but Getting some knowledge of what I might be dealing with beforehand would be great! 


I have the same thing only its not painful when I touch it its soft and its white it only hurts when I go to the bathroom today I noticed blood in my stool and I'm actually worried about this I have no idea what it is I've had it for a while did u ever find out what it was?