I'm sorry in advance if some of my descriptions are off the wall or gross, but I'm just looking to see if anybody has ideas or has experienced this.  First off, I'm 26 y/o F who suffers from anxiety.  I'm currently in between jobs and w/no health insurance (hello stresser!).  I noticed a few weeks ago that the color of my stool changed from what it normally was.  Typically I was going every couple of days, sometimes once a day and it was solid, and I guess a typical brown color.  Now I've noticed that it is a lighter, tan-ish color.  There are also white spots (mucus from what I've researched) and occasionally tiny darker specs (not sure if it is dried blood or just from the foods I've ate).  When I lay flat on my back I can press at my belly button and it's quite painful, if I continue pressing and moving towards my right side the pain continues.  Given my symptoms there are about a million things that I could "self-diagnose" which is what I definitely don't want to do.  Before I became unemployed, I had an abdominal ultrasound down and blood work.  All came back except a tiny cyst on my right ovary.  When I sit, it also feels as if I'm sitting on something or like my pants are wadded up.  It's not painful to sit or even to go the bathroom.  It's just some of these other symptoms are concerning, and as I have no insurance I'm not sure what to do.  Any info is greatly appreciated.