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So, this might be in the wrong section, apologies if so.

On Wednesday I woke up with one of my glands really sore, it didn't feel all that swollen, but painful. By the afternoon I had developed some flu like symptoms, aches, pains, headache, fatigue.

These symptoms seemed to worsen by Thursday (the gland pain seems to of gone though, unless I press on it) and I started getting quite a bad fever coming and going. Add to that a sore throat, cough, and I felt something weird behind on of my top teeth at the front. 

Again, everything got worse on Friday. It became clear my gums were starting to swell up really quite badly at the front, they've became dark red and painful. I noticed 2 white spots, that seem painless if uncomfortable, at the tip of my tongue, and one that seems a bit more painful at the back of my mouth. 

Today, Saturday, some symptoms aren't quite as bad anymore but the condition of my mouth doesn't seem to be improving at all. Worse even.

I have a doctors appointment for tomorrow, but wanted to know if anyone else has experienced something like this? 


Forgot to add, behind my front teeth has swollen up too. I've absolutely zero appetite, barely eaten in days & now can't even if I try due to the pain in my mouth. This could be entirely unrelated by two wart type spots have appeared next to my nail on my index & middle finger, I've never ever had them before.