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I noticed this evening that I have a small white patch on my uvula.  It hurts to touch it and it also is giving me what seems like a sore throat.  I was able to touch the weird white patch with a q-tip, toothbrush and toothpick and the white patch kind of just split (almost like dead skin or like a canker sore on your lip does).  It does not smell nor do I have bad breath.  However I did notice while "messing around" with it, it almost looks like its some sort of a growth cause it kind of "flaps" around..... I've done everything I could think of to see if it is just going to come off and I've also gargled with peroxide, I then gargled with warm salt water then brushed my teeth for a while.  If anyone has any thoughts or new plan of attack I'd greatly appreciate any and all input!!


For one thing, you should not gargle with peroxide! I would get it checked by a Dr., it could be strep, or some kind of infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics. Hope that helps...   :-)