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I am 42 yrs. old and I contracted syphilis when i was about 18 or 19. I went to the clinic and recieved pennasilin (may be spelled wrong) and never had it checked again. Now I find myself lossing focus all the time. I am taking a keybroading class and in the beginning i was do fine now it's like i can't remeber the keys. Could this be happen because of my past.


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Well, syphilis can cause a lot of damage if not treated on time. It can cause debilitating effects to the brain, heart and the nervous system. Some of the complications that occur in the tertiary syphilis stage include cardiovascular problems like formations of and aneurism and aortitis, neurosyphilis and destructive lesions of the skin and bones.

Neurosyphilis is an infection of the brain or spinal cord. It shows up after many many years of not having syphilis treated. There are 4 forms of this infection. Some can cause damage to blood vessels and stroke, other an inability to walk, or paralyses, seizures and tremors.

Some of the neurosyphilis symptoms are poor concentration, mental confusion, weakness of the extremities, dementia, visual problems, headaches, neck problems, muscle atrophy, etc

I would suggest you made an appointment at the doctor’s and had this checked.