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Hi to any one that can read this comment...

The reason why i'm writing is because i'm confused... my husband had syphilis like 2 yrs ago and i found out i had it 2 because i was pregnant and the Doctor did all kinds of husband said that it happened long ago, when he was in high school... I don't know if i believe him... i been struggling with this for 2 years to believe him or not... can it be possible that this can pop out after 7 yrs if you wore treated only once? I ask him if he cheated on me and he says he hasn't I want to believe him but I don't know if i can any more?
Can some one please help me


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I can understand what you are going through, suspicion is so annoying and devastating and obsessing.

I can’t stand 100% behind my words since I am not a doctor but I will tell you what I know and how I understood syphilis, at least this part you are interested in.

You know that syphilis is a bacterial infection. To get treated and cured we need to get rid of bacteria. It is viruses that stay in the body forever and may cause recurrent outbreaks not bacteria. If you had bacterial infection once and been treated and cured, you can get it again if you have an intercourse with infected partner.

Syphilis has 4 stages and only first two stages are contagious, meaning that someone can pass infection to you if they are in one of these two stages. Although it may take time from one stage to another, high-school sounds so long ago-to be honest!

First two stages usually last 1-2 years. If not treated and the disease progresses to that 4 th stage, it is not transmittable then. In the late stage, there are no visible symptoms but bacteria is present and it may be doing damage to internal organs. Syphilis progresses to other stages if not treated.

Proper treatment will definitely cure the disease and a person will be bacteria free.

Did you manage to get rid of the disease and not transmit it to your baby? That is the most important question.

Maybe there are options when syphilis may recur but it would be best to talk about this with your gynecologist who has experience with it and know how things work with syphilis. I have passed my knowledge to you and according to it, bacteria (if treated) doesn’t recur on its own like virus does.