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I had sex with a woman of which, she dicovered having second stage syphilis.
I went for test, but was negative. is it possible? its about 3years ago now.
no any sign,,, i am woried may is hidden.
please tell me what to do!! tell all difficulties of it!!1


Syphillis is one of the worst dieases that can strike a human. So here is your answer.. If you feel that you may be hidden go see a doc and discuss it more with him/her. If you are showing signs of syphilis, go see a doctor or an emergency room specialist immediatley

Primary syphilis:

chancres -- (usually single yet may be multiple) painless sores on genitals, rectum, or mouth
enlarged lymph nodes in the area adjacent to the chancre
Secondary syphilis:

skin rash -- usually throughout the body with both flat and raised patches which may involve the palms and soles of the feet.
extensive lymph node enlargement
mucous patches (painless silvery ulcerations of mucous membranes -- seen mostly in the mouth and on the genitals)
condyloma lata: coalescing papules which form a grey-white plaque frequently in folds such as groin, genital areas, axilla, and under the breasts
hair loss (alopecia)
general symptoms such as fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, and aches and pains in bones
Tertiary syphilis:

infiltrative, destructive lesions of skin, bones, or liver (gummatous syphilis)
cardiovascular syphilis, which leads to inflammation of the aorta (aortitis) and can be associated with aortic aneurysms
central nervous system disorders with involvement of the meninges, brain, spinal cord, eye, or auditory system.