I have received an email this morning to say I haven't logged in to the web site for a while. I'm sorry to say I didn't realise I had ever joined. I have epilepsy which cause me problems but not in the way 98% of the public would understand. I have quite severe transient amnesia brought about by a tonic clonic seizure which happened 12 years ago. I had been suffering from undiagnosed epilepsy for 5 years before that. This memory loss causes far too many problems that can be listed here. It's caused by physical damage to the brain which cannot be rectified. I adapt many procedures to cope and get by most of the time. This cannot be improved nor cured by medical or therapy means. The other major problem is compassion overload. I get upset far too often by the misfortune of others. I do have stress caused by external factors, many of which I bring on myself such as disputing (with success) various utility bills such as water, electricity, telephone and online charges. I can't let go until I succeed, which fortunately is nearly every time. Right now I am in dispute with Jaguar and their main dealers which will probably finish up in court. All of these things are brought on by myself because I will not let companies however big walk all over me. I have just received an apology from the CEO of nPower with a compensation cheque. Although the end result is very satisfying the period during the battles are by themselves stressful. To complete the current stresses I am currently in treatment with Moorfields for sight problems, the treatment for which is very unpleasant. This is not of my choosing but if not treated there is a possibility of partial or total blindness. This sounds like quite a load and at times is quite stressful but I cope, because I have to. It's probably more stressful for my wife. Anyway there it is. That's my lot and I live with it. I think I am better off both physically and mentally than the vast majority of folk although from time to time I cannot cope but climb over the mountain and get on with my life and count my blessings which are many.