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hey im brittany ! im 14 and ive been pregnent for 3 weeks :-( i havent told any one but my bf he said just to get an aborsion idk if thats how u spell it lol but i kinda wanna keep the baby cuz my best friend had an aborsion and regrets it i no ill love this baby how do i tell my parents befor they find out just by seeing my belly??? ? ! ? :-( help?


Hi Britt,
First of all, let me praise you for deciding against abortion. I am neither for it or against it, but it's great that you are wanting to keep your baby.
The mom and dad thing is gonna be scarey for sure. How old is your boyfriend? I ask this because if he is 17 or older, this could mean big trouble for him. There is an age of consent in most states, meaning if your bf is quite a bit older than you and has sex with you, even tho you say it's ok, he could go to jail. Your mom and dad could have him prosecuted if they wanted to. In the eyes of the law, it is considered rape, even tho both parties were willing.

There is no perfect time to talk to mom/dad, you just have to get it out there and do it. You will be scared to death, but once the convo starts, you'll be ok. I don't know your parents personalities, so i can't tell you what they will say. They will probably be really angry at first, mom will cry, dad will threaten to do terrible things to your bf, he may even say that he wants to kill him, but knowing that murder is against the law, he obviously can't do that.

I would talk to them without bf present at first. They will want to see your bf's parents and hopefully they can talk rationally. Tell your man that you are keeping the baby and that you must talk to your parents. If he loves and respects you, he will support you, if he bails on you he will still have to support his child, somehow.

Just take a deep breath and go for it. Start out by i'm pregnant. The rest of it will flow. Good luck hon. If you need any support at all don't hesitate to come back on line. There are many excellent supporters here with some fine advice.