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I went to the hospital a week ago. And was told i have Meniere's disease. The problem is that I am still experiencing all of the same problems today. Can someone explain how long does this go on and what seem to be the reason it is brought on and is it something that will stay w/ me forever.


First of all, a meniere’s disease is very hard to diagnose because it’s symptoms resemble many other conditions and to diagnose Meniere’s disease, you need to rule out these first. How long did your examinations last? Did you stay in the hospital the whole week?

The problem with Meniere’s is that it is an episodic illness. The symptoms come in cycles with a symptoms-free periods. The goal of the treatment is to reduce or end the symptoms and attacks as well as learn to control the illness by preventing attacks. This is done by medical therapy and life style changes. It is important to reduce the amount of stress you are exposed to as the stress seem to be important in causing the attacks.

If life style modification and medical therapy don’t prove to be beneficial, surgery may be an option.

What kind of treatment have you been given? What did the doctors tell you about your disease? Have they found a possible cause? How long have you been experiencing the symptoms? How old are you?

Younger people seem to have more severe symptoms and are more resistant to treatment.