Since March (this year) I have had strong metallic smelling urine, which is occasionally brownish. My eyes have been severely dry with strong pain around them (feel very hot and welts on eyelids sometimes). My mouth fluctuates between very dry (lips stick to teeth and tongue sticks to roof of mouth) and overactive salivary glands. Sinuses are dry in my nasal passages (bleed easily), however I get drainage down the back of my throat. Occasional dizzy spells (have fallen a few times; Jan/Feb fell on ice and had concussion) I have had blood work and urine tests done a number of times this year. In March my Dr. said that my white blood count was up, and noticed that it was up in my previous blood work (a year prior) Further testing revealed (Dr. said) that he was looking for imflammation. Since then he has said that everything (including urine tests) came back normal. He basically left it at that, brushing me off. I reminded him I am not a high maintenance patient, whiner, or hypochondriac, and have a high pain threshhold, and want him to take me seriously. He told me he doesn't have a magic pill to fix me. All of my past diagnoses were from another province and he has done no further investigation to check for changes. My eye doctor got me in on an emergency basis due to the severity of my dry eyes. She sent me to a specialist and said she was going to recommend an appointment with a rheumatologist. She suspected Sjogren's Syndrome. The specialist basically brushed me off because my eyes weren't that bad the morning I saw him. I tried to explain they progressively worsen through the day and I have to apply ice packs to temporarily soothe them. He didn't listen. Sent me home telling me to use more eye drops. I am switching doctors and am waiting to hear from the new one. He is tracking down the bloodwork from the last doctor and starting there. However there was an accident two days ago killing his one nephew and injuring another nephew. He will understandably be off for a while, and I don't want to bother him with my petty issues. (compared to his). Any suggestions? I know for a fact, from a couple of visits to the ER, that doctors in this rural area are not taking me seriously because I am a client with Mental Health. Any suggestions or something I can research further? Something to help myself? I would sincerely appreciate it