Hello, Last month, I noticed that I was bleeding every single time I peed. I went to see a urologist specialist and he took some urine sample and gave me antibiotics to stop the bleeding. A week and a half later I noticed the bleeding stopped and I went to see my specialist for the results. He said I tested negative for any kidney, bladder or olveries disease and cancer. But, he needed to insert a camera to see what was wrong and what caused the bleeding. After this visit, he advised me that I have excessive urine in my bladder and he's not sure why:( He currently has me logging each time I urine a day and he needs to see me in 3 weeks to do a stomach ultrasound. Well, it's barely been a few days since my last visit and I find myself peeing a lot more and I am getting this lower abdominal shooting pains throughout the day!:( Im anxious to see what is wrong with me and how I can prevent this from occurring in the future. Has anyone encountered this issue? If so, what is it and how can I help make it better? I am very stressed out and scared. Thank you.