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I am trying to accomplish an orgasim through gspot stimulation. I read lots of different literature and watched a lot of instructions however all seem to come to one thing.. is not urine... I was also told you cant achieve this over night. however multiple tries,, first time to me was urine but i didnt get that really nice feeling. then the other time i came but no female ejaculation. second time as i was inserting my fingers and external stimulation i felt the urge to pee, fluids came however..... when i checked. is urine it smelled like it and i saw some blood, and i not sure where it came from either my uretha or internal . this time i felt it the big o.. different from the rest i became immediately dehydrated and weak i had to drink fluids and rest for a while and i was very sensitive down there. but what did i do wrong?


Imo, your blood ejaculate concern was not answered.
I too am very concerned about expelling blood in urine, instead of ejaculation during G spot orgasm masterbation. It happened to me in the same way, two days ago. I was using a tablet to see up close and recorded my orgasm. It was my first successful experience with a G spot only. It was very intense and gratifying but... with very bloody ejaculation from the urethra.

It was not frank blood. It was darker and mucousy. I too, became immediately dry as you said, afterward. I know this because I wanted another one, but couldn't continue because I became immediately very dry.
I quickly cleaned the outside of me carefully with a baby wipe, and used a fresh wipe to clean what I thought might have been menstruation, but there was no blood inside me, or any other cuts that were bleeding inside or outside.
After I cleaned up, I started again but was too dry and as you described, spent. The G spot area, was unarousable but still engorged, but i couldnt get wet.
I went to see my GP and described the bloody incident including my previous one occasion of blood during sexual arousal as follows.
Similarly, in 2008, I was have penetrated sex, standing reverse cowgirl with my partner, and a pool of blood appeared out of no where. On that occasion, I was seen by a very prominent Gyn OB, because blood during sex can be a tumour, cyst, cancer.
Upon very thourough examination no internal tears were found, and a vety painful cervix biopsy was performed and blood tests taken, which cleared me of cysts, tumor, and cancer.
I have seen my GP yesterday and I told him about my two episodes of mysterious blood. He was not convinced that I had a UTI so I did a midstream sample which came up negative.
He thought it best, given my history, that instead of referring me to a Gyn, to see a sexual health clinic as they have more experience with sexual dysfunction.
I will come back to this thread to let you know if the mystery of blood during orgasm from urethra can be fixed.
Adding to my story, 24 hours since my Gspot orgasm, it is still engorged! I wonder how long it should take to reduce back to normal.