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In the late 90's,  I was turned down for bariatric surgery because I was taking 80 mg. of Methadone. I was on Methadone because I accidentally got addicted to pain meds., I was put on pain meds for severe back strain. (which is mostly due to my weight)  :-) I was devastated to learn that they wouldn't do the surgery. I dont know if the decision was based on the risk of anethesia, or the concern over pain medication after surgery..which is really stupid because anyone on Methadone knows that you cannot get addicted to pain medication, you ALREADY are. Methadone blocks the "high" of the pain meds, all it does pain. Also, if someone is on Methadone and anesethia is a concern, why couldn't a patient skip surgery days dose? seems easy to figure out to me... none the less, I was absolutely destroyed. 13 years later, and another 50 pounds more, I feel I owe it to myself to try again., I am a widow and want to be here for my kids, heck, I want to be here for ME, but at 45, I feel like I am 65. My knees are completey shot, my hips hurt, my back hurts and I have no energy anymore. I went off the methadone for 3 years, but ended right back on it after a horrible back injury last year. My dose now is only 19 mgs. Before I try again, I want to be pre-approved. I dont want to go through all of this hoping, only to be turned down again..I wonder if I should try a new clinic/surgeon all together. My methadone clinic has told me that some of their patients have had the surgery. What do you think? try again somewhere else? should I tell the new surgeon about being previously turned down? anyone have any experiences similar to this  or know someone who has?



If you are on 19 mgs of methadone, I wouldn't even tell the doctors anything about it.  That amount is not going to affect it that much in my opinion.  Anyway that's what I would do.   Take care and good luck