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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am taking antiregnancy pills usually at around 19:00/19:30. each night
Last night I forgot to take it.
This is the 3rd week of the package and i remembered this morning at 6:30 to take the pill.
I would like to know whether i will continue to take the pills normally now untill i finish the package and whether i will be protected.

Thank you.



If you missed one pill, just double up the next day. There is no need to stop the pack as missing just one pill is really not such a big deal as long as you didn't have sex. You can get pregnant even if you miss one pill and have intercourse at that time.
It's when you miss 2 pills that you should discontinue the pack and wait for your period as it's never good to take 3 missed birth control pills in a row.