Hi All,

Found this forum and looks like everyone is very helpful and supportive. Here's my situation:

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex approx 1.5 months ago, and I took the morning after pill the very next day. A week later I had brown/black discharge (or 'old blood' period?). That was a month ago, now I'm waiting on my period... My cycle is usually very 'spot on' and 30days long. (We are usually pretty safe when it comes to contraception, although we have been doing a bit of 'withdrawal' which I know is silly and naive, but I am 22 and I'm fine if i get pregnant - not ideal - but would be excited too!)

Should I have classed the brown 'period' as my actual one, and wait 4ish weeks for the next? (which will make me due in a couple of days, or am I two weeks late on my period?

I'd like some advice from people that have taken the morning after pill - I have read it can mess with your cycles?

I'm probably being paranoid, but I have stomach discomfort, sometimes sharp pains in lower abdomen. Slightly constipated, peeing a lot, EXTREMELY moody - flip out at the smallest things, and find myself crying for no reason... and being a girl, I know that these symptoms can be anything!!!

So... What is your advice? I'll be taking a preg test this weekend - 5 days from now - to be sure, and I will update this post with the results - in case anyone is in the same boat as I.

Thanks, and sorry for the 'novel' of a question, I just had to talk to someone and get it off my chest.