Hello Ladies !!!
I am 29 y/o trying to conceive since last 3-4 months. my periods were very regular everymonth . last month my periods were 9 days early. they were heavy for 2-3 days very dark in color. this month i.e sept 2008 i m late by 2 days .did take 2 urine test but negative. since last few days i feel exhausted tired, sleepy, i pee a lot , have constant dull ache in left side of tummy. my breast were tender initially but now they are not that uncomfortable. my nipples though are dark brown now not light brown as before . i have 2-3 black bumps on my areola which was not there before.and i m having little bit high temp everyday. i can see faint green lines on my breast but not sure if it was there before too. size wise it feels and looks same. i