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im 13 and i already hit puberty
im only allowed to use pads whenever i have my period ( mom mom doesnt let me use tampons because she is worried ill break my seal - paranoid..tried to explain..didnt work )
since summer is coming and spring break is soon im probably going to want to go would be really awkward telling my friends that i cant go swiming because i have my period.

so should i just go to the drugstore myself and get the tampons?
or should i just stick w. pads?

i remember last summer when i first got my period i couldnt go swiming because of my period....that was torture

and how do you insert a tampon...


I think you should use tampons, (but also pads) so you go to a large drug store (Wal-mart, CVS, ext.) in your area, and go to the feminine hygiene area and look for the "Teen sized” tampons, they may be called slim or slender, Playtex make the ones I am thinking of, they may be in 2 styles plastic & cardboard applicators ( & no applicators called OB) and buy a tube of water base lube, this is to help you place them in your vagina. Best to go to a female checker, so that you will not be more embarrassed about this then you may already be.
NOW the next thing, in a private place, is to open the box and find the instruction sheet, and completely read them, then return them back in the box, Hide your box, and go to other things. The next day, open up the box, reread the instruction sheet, and open up a tampon from its outer wrapper, push the tampon out, and look at the tampon, this one will not be able to be used, so in a see through glass, place water about ¾ full, and drop the tampon in, and watch what it does!!! You can use the applicator, and some lube to place the applicator in side of your vagina AND ONLY THE APPLICATOR!!!! The instruction sheet will help you with placement ideas; you will just have to have trial & error with them on your period, so also wear your pad for a few first days. Keep reading the instruction sheet every day, so that you will know about them, and ask your g/f’s who may also be using them, YES you can swim in them, but have a fresh one in at the start of the swim, change it about every hour, and a dry one at the end of the swim.
If you wish for a period chart and other info, see Sexapeal blog for an address to send a post card to for return information
See these web pages
The sport one style is what you may wish to buy for swimming.
This one has the info sheet and quizzes
Sex Lab 99
You will need a full length mirror & a large hand mirror, Now lock your bedroom door, and strip down naked; looking at all angles of yourself in the full mirror, note your breast and pubic hair areas, in the crotch, under the arms, & on your legs.
Next; sit down on your bed and spread you legs, look at yourself, today is the exploring day, the crotch area, feel around and move skin around, this is called the vulva region, pubic hair covers this area, this will grow fuller with age. It has the Labia’s, major -larger outer “lips” & minor –smaller inter “lips”, these may be different in size with you. The Mons and the clitoral hood cover up your clitoris. (a very small pinnacle)
The vagina opening is close to the bottom of this area, inside the vagina, is your hymen, a membrane or thin layer of skin, you may not be able to see, but once it is broken, it stays that way, parts may still be attached or a remnant but not in encompassing (coving) the entrance. Have a go at; inserting your fingers into your vagina, it is a group of muscles that normally collapse, and stretches to accommodate your tampons, sex toys, a male penis, and a baby’s body at birth. I hope this is a big help, and do go see the blog sexapeal, for some more information about yourself.


what i suggest is for you to sit down and tell your mum all you have just said.. if that doesnt work then is there another adult or mature female in your life that you can share this with and ask their advice, it makes sence that you feel uncomfertable about telling your friends you cant swim because of your period but to be honest there is no reason to, its not a bad thing!
i shouldn't tell you to go against ur mothers wishes but if worst comes to the worst you are the one in charge so its up to you if you want to buy some tampons, and hunni dont worry im sure it will all work out!

how to insert a tampon
if you have google or some type of search engine like that then click on it, type in "How to insert a tampon?" and there it will show you some detailed guides on how to insert the tampon
best of luck! :D
xx candyheartss xx

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So what have you done about this? :-P Summer is here :-D and swimming and other outside activities are going on, 8) Have you started to wear tampons? or still with the pads, :$ sitting at home during your time? %-)
"Girl in their summer clothes, walk on by" The Boss Springsteen 8)
If you still need some help ;-) write back and we will talk some more


I'm 15, and I still dont use tampons.
Personally, I find them not too nice, after a bad expirience with one, and I dont see the problem everyone has with pads. They are okay to use, and not babyish.
An alternative to a tampon is a menstrual cup.
Mooncup UK looks good and has alot of great reviews.
If you were to choose between those two, I would say mooncup all the way.
I would stick with pads if I were you, but its your choice.