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My sister in law has been suffering from mouth ulcers for nearly 8 months, this has resulted in her not being able to eat properly resulting in weight loss and weakness.
Her doctors have conducted various blood tests, established that she is anemic, prescribed Iron and B12 - but this has not helped at all.
The family is now getting very concerned with her health - she is loosing interest in the surroundings and keeps sleeping a lot.

Antibiotics have been tried - this helps whilst the dose is being taken but on completion the ulcers are back

Any help / suggestions will be appreciated - I am especially looking to find out if there is someone out there who has been through a similar experience, and how they managed to resolve this??


Tell her to go to see a Dermatologist. I'm sure she/he will beable to diagnose her. So many aphtous ulcers in the mouth may be part of a Disease called Behcet's . Some other diseases that have to do with the immune system and also with the gastro intestinal part may present with aphtae, and the Dermatologist will figure it out.. With a treatment she will get better. They may recur, but she'll know what to do.